How do you View Your World?

Politics vs. Governing

We have unfortunately confused politics with governing in our country. Governing is about change, politics is about casting blame and making money. Governing helps people. Political arguments are the same reason why Willie Sutton robbed banks in his day, “that’s where the money is”.

When it comes to effective communication we understand that there are three general aspects. What was said, what was heard and what was meant. In relationships we understand that there are often three sides to a story, her side, his side and the truth.

With this general understanding and knowledge that when dealing with people, life is most often not binary, why do we act as if there are only two options in politics?

I believe, it has more to do with habit and tradition than anything else. We are used to buying blue or red chairs, so we continue to buy blue or red chairs. What if a yellow chair was more economical? What if a green chair was more comfortable? What if a black chair was more adjustable or a purple chair more functional?

We The People need to stop believing the lie that we don’t have options! We have choices! One reason our current political system is corrupt is because our politicians know, We The People would rather complain about our choices than make different ones!

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