Some lessons from 2016

Many have said that 2016 has been a “terrible” year. What have we become? A brief overview of 2016 is, an election that didn’t go the way most of the country wanted, the death of some famous people most of us have never met and a football player taking a knee. No wonder millennials behave and think they way they do. Generation Xers and the  generations before us have become a bunch of cry-babies and are bothered by everything! Once you are bothered by everything, the real issue is you become consumed by things that in day-to-day life don’t mean anything.

While that is a topic in and of itself, my main point is to share some of the personal lessons learned from various events of 2016. Some of these events are public and some are personal, some of the lessons learned are not necessarily new revelations. In some cases, the lesson was a reminder of things already known but had perhaps had lost focus of. They are not in any special order and I am sure with more time and thought I can think of more things. The ones listed are the ones that are the most personal to me right now. Each “lesson” will accompany an individual or event that helped me learn this lesson.

1: Do what you feel is right! People are going to talk about you no matter what you do! (Colin Kaepernick)

2: When you see an injustice and you don’t know what to do, instead of lashing out with violence or hatred, sometimes it’s better to stop, pause and take a knee! (Colin Kaepernick)

3: Social acceptance and political affirmation/agreement are not the same thing! (2016 Presidential election)

4: Polls don’t give us “information”, they give us a belief we are trying to confirm, even if that belief is wrong! (2016 Presidential election)

5: The world was overall more united over the death of a  Gorilla (Harambe) than the death of some black men! (Cincinnati Zoo)

6: Many people in the United States think that being able to choose your job is the same as being able to choose your skin color! (Blue “Lives” Matter)

7: It’s not always what you know or who you know. Sometimes it’s how you say it! (Donald Trump)

8: I finally understand why the National Enquirer has had such a huge following all these years. People will believe anything! (2016 Presidential election)

9: I am not responsible for anyone else’s happiness. My job is to treat everyone with respect and love to the best of my ability. No one but me gets to define what my ability is! (Reflection of relationships in 2016)

10: The God and Jesus of the Bible in contrast to the God and Jesus of the Church, are not necessarily the same person! Study to show yourself approved, not study to get the approval of others! (The Bible)

11: Recent defeat neither changes nor diminishes past victories! (Ronda Rousey)

12: The death of my niece and nephew impact me more than any celebrity death! (CL and Alex)

13: Confidence and conviction will often beat knowledge and experience! (Donald Trump)

14: Just because it’s always been a certain way doesn’t mean it has to stay that way! (Donald Trump)

15: 2016 is not necessarily a reflection of how 2017 is going to be! (1972-2015)



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