Why am I Here?

As I embark on this literary journey, I don’t know everything I am looking do achieve but I do know what I don’t want. I don’t want to be just another rambling person with an opinion. I don’t want to be an inconsiderate self-proclaimed know-it all. I don’t want to be the drunk guy at the end of the bar. (although that guy is sometimes very funny)  I don’t want to communicate with a tone that indicates the views of others don’t matter.

I am here as a way to lend my thoughts a voice and hopefully in some small way cause someone to think about a topic in a way that they haven’t before. I would like to think that I have an eclectic view of the world. That view certainly has standards and opinions that are dogmatic but one of my life mottos has always been; If two people agreed on everything, one of them isn’t necessary.

As this journey develops, I hope to expand my horizons and knowledge and I hope that my voice helps others to do the same.

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