What do you think of when you hear the word swarm? A swarm is quite literally, many bees. That is probably why when we use the phrase “I was swarmed”, it generally does not conjure up great feelings. Most people don’t like bees but not liking them doesn’t mean we have to be afraid of them. Even if you are allergic to bees, with our modern medicine, (cost aside) there is at least access to the EpiPen.

When you stop and think about all the benefits we receive as a result of what bees do for our planet, there should be a level of respect that is generated for the swarm. Is it therefore fair to say, that the impact of bees can be spun to conclude, that a swarm mean not be as bad as it seems?

In our 24 hour news cycle we are constantly bombarded with a swarm of information. Some call it the truth, others call it doom and gloom, others simply dismiss it and call it “fake news”. We need to choose our terms wisely. News can never be fake!

News by it’s purest definition is something that someone deems noteworthy. It does not have to be factual. Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson are alive, Big Foot just impregnated JLo, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady paid off the NFL so they would win titles back to back, The Loch Ness Monster has migrated to Chesapeake Bay! While all of those things are fake stories, every one of them can be considered news.

We The People need to demand facts! That has become a tall order and given the lies we have been told for decades, I understand the skepticism as a country we have in believing what our elected officials and the media tell us.

Let’s remember this fact first. Congress and the President are not our true leaders, they are our elected Representatives. If someone is supposed to represent me that means by default I am more important than they are. The fact that We The People seem to forget that is troubling. Let’s look at a snapshot of what our Representatives have told us over the years.

We are still told that Oswald shot JFK, when the “single bullet theory” is impossible to explain scientifically. We were told that a plane disintegrated in PA on 9/11 and jet fuel burns hot enough to both melt steel and collapse buildings. These things being reported as true when science says something different leads to the understatement that Americans distrust both the government and the media.

I will say this, while I am not willing to call “the media” an enemy, the moment the media decided it was more important to sell us and get the story first, instead of getting it right, was the moment they started to lose credibility.

Am I attempting to be a conspiracy theorist? Not at all! What I want is for us to take our words back! News can’t be fake, only stories can, recognize the difference! If We The People don’t consume it, they won’t sell it.

The next time you feel as if you are being swarmed by the media and our government, remember that We The People, armed with the Constitution, are the EpiPen!

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