Lift Every Voice

We tell athletes to just shut up and play, we tell artists to just shut up an act or shut up and sing. One of my issues with these statements is they often come from individuals like me, who are over the age of 40. Imagine if we said that to John Lennon on Marvin … More Lift Every Voice

The Travel Ban

There has been a lot talk about travelling recently. Whether the discussion is positive or negative depends on circumstances and individual perspective. For instance, spring break is starting for many schools across the country. This is a time when families and college students embark on journeys and make some memories. Whether it’s a family vacation or a bunch … More The Travel Ban

The Good Samaritan

There is a fine line between helper and enabler. Helping one another is a good thing. When that help prevents someone from being able to help themselves, is when it’s not good. This challenge is often present when family is the subject being discussed. As Americans we pride ourselves on independence. Our country was founded with a clear declaration of it. … More The Good Samaritan

Live Selfishly

It doesn’t matter if you are a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu or an Atheist, show me a principle that proves we are solely responsible for someone else’s happiness. We continually mistake the art of loving and respecting each other, with the concept of making each other happy. Joy and happiness are internally driven and therefore … More Live Selfishly