Living in Denial

We all know sex sells! I don’t know what the statistic is in terms of sex related deaths but our country seems to have stricter sex laws than it does gun laws. What’s my point? There are more shops in this country selling instruments of death then there are shops that are allowed to sell … More Living in Denial

Starring Roles

Sometimes in the movie of our life, there are people who are “extras” but they think they are supposed to have speaking parts. You are the director and the producer of your own life’s movie… Understand the casting roles!


I recently saw a post that made me wonder about something as it pertains to Superheroes and our Superhero fantasies. I want to be clear that when I talk about Superheroes, gender doesn’t matter, I am referring to the genre. Superheroes are strong, Superheroes are resilient, Superheroes may question things but they never waiver in … More Superheroes

Live Well!

Breathing and sleeping are two basic human functions. I’m constantly amazed when I find people who think the use of machinery to help you breathe or the use of drugs to help you sleep are part of the human condition. I understand how controversial this statement is going to be. However, is it possible that … More Live Well!

Lift Every Voice

We tell athletes to just shut up and play, we tell artists to just shut up an act or shut up and sing. One of my issues with these statements is they often come from individuals like me, who are over the age of 40. Imagine if we said that to John Lennon on Marvin … More Lift Every Voice